• Austin Laimos

What to Do When You Are Not PC

Updated: May 8, 2020

This semester I was tasked with making a program on a non-PC console. This was to create a portfolio piece that expands upon the typical PC games and applications. I decided that I wanted to create a mobile application to explore that area more. I finally settled on the Android devices because they are much easier to deploy and debug on and they do not rely on Apple proprietary software. (APKs are also much easier to deploy than impacting in an iOS app).

I choose Java as the programming language over a C++ based cross-platform system because it has much more documentation and allowed me to focus more on the development side instead of an engine side (which I had covered partially already). I decided to make a basic tower defense game, mostly with dummy art assets and not-well balanced systems, in order to show the architecture more and the actual result less. Above is a basic draw-up of the systems. Nothing complex, something that is perfectly do-able in the semester.

Since this is a well-documented subject there are little risks. I have already gotten an emulator for Android and have had a basic app deployed on it. The only unknowns are running into weird bugs that I create. The rendering pipeline has given me the biggest hardships so far but I pretty much have it under control now.

This shows off my skills as both a generalist, able to do multiple things at once (framework, gameplay, rendering, systems) and my ability to adapt quickly into multiple different variables, including different languages, different IDEs and different consoles.

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