• Austin Laimos

Game Fest Time!

This weekend my team went to RPI's very own Gamefest to present our game, Gaze of the Abyss. While 7 people were slated to go, only 3 of us went because of forces outside of our control. The upside is we only needed 2 people to man the booth at one time, so the people who went switched off every hour and a half in order for everyone to get a break. The events leading up to RPI (The organization, planning and travelling) were less than ideal but nevertheless my team persevered and we eventually arrived, set up the booth, and demonstrated the game to what seemed like a couple hundred people. While there were some bugs present in the build, none of them were game-breaking and they were fixed that night when I got back. So that part I view as a big success. It seemed the attendees liked the game, and praised the concept as being innovative. From my experiences manning the booth, almost every person got through level 1, and then the general stopping point was somewhere in level 2. The average playtime was around 10 minutes, with some people going over and some people going under. I believe only 3 people actually played level 5, but most of them used the level select to get there. The experience of looking at other peoples games was also quite cool, as we were able to see games that were 2 months in development and other games that were 9 months in development. All in all the experience was an enjoyable one and I look forward to attending another GameFest sometime in the future, possibly with the Capstone game.

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