• Austin Laimos

Two Months from Launch - and the World Stood Still

Updated: May 8, 2020

The team has been impacted by Covid-19 after the country came to a halt. People are in different places balancing school, work and home life. Personally, things were rocky for the week after spring break, but after getting back to my apartment (safely following quarantine rules), it has been more or less the same work environment minus going to labs, classes, and in-person team meetings. I think the most challenging factor is the loss of in-person meetings. I no longer have the ability to waddle over to someone and check out what they have to say, or vice versa. The team of course is adapting as remote work is still a strong industry in gaming, but for a structure initially designed to be in person, it took a bit to adapt to the new changes. We also had to de-risk given the additional complications of people's lives. Certain points were either cut outright or scoped downwards, and it has become a tighter ship. Regardless of the additional challenges and social distancing, I remain confident we can deliver a good game at the end, as things have gotten back on track.

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