• Austin Laimos

Patching It All Together

This week was set out to be the "release" week, which meant patching the game all together, cleaning it up, and shipping it out. Since we can't pay the hefty licensing fees, we are releasing for free over an We are also seeing if a donation button will be legal and if so what will be done with that. The only problem is there was quite a few patches in the game that needed fixing. The most glaring issue was the ending, which as I am typing is currently not finished. Hopefully it will be finished by the release date, because that would tie the game together well. We also need a few small things like menu improvements, a few quality of life changes, and possibly some lighting adjustments, depending on how it goes. Now, the only catch here is I put in a whopping 40 hours of non class time into the project this week, and technically more if you count prep time. And I want to clarify here that I gave myself this work, and it was not forced onto me. I could've easily done the minimum amount of work for this week, but I decided to "up the ante" to get the game into a truly finished state. And I am proud of it, and I'm looking forward to taking a week off after this and not working, so its all well and good in production land. But it feels good to "ship" the game soon, and to work on the next game that comes my way!

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