• Austin Laimos

The Vampire Crew

For this last blog post I'm going to talk about some a bit unconventional, which is team dynamic. Specifically, team dynamic at 3 am, which has been specifically dubbed the "Vampire Crew". This was essentially just another team member and I having our optimal work hours after midnight, and since we were the only ones awake during that time, we essentially achieved a much clearer communication since we were the only resource to ask about project updates. While people might view this as less than ideal, the workflow was great as we were able to focus and get things done. Besides work meetings, I feel like this was the most productive time I've had, as it's just people working, with nothing else going on at 3 am. The only other conversation that happened was a team member occasionally coming in and telling us to go to sleep, which we responded to with a resounding no. I feel like this was a good experience because not only was a lot of work done, there was efficient communication between the disciplines. I felt like I understood the design of the aspect more, and I think they understood the programming a bit more. I guess the moral of the story is that the best workflows can happen in an unplanned, unconventional style, and that generic meetings can sometimes leave open gaps that can be filled in by other conventions.

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